Citywalk Haarlem

If you are looking for a fun and informative way to explore the city of Haarlem, then the Haarlem city walk is an excellent option. Haarlem offers a wealth of historical and cultural sights that you can discover during a walk through the city.

During our walk, you will explore the old town and pass by important landmarks such as the Grote Markt, the Sint-Bavo Church, and the Teylers Museum. The walk gives you a good impression of the city’s history and culture. You will also walk past some hidden courtyards of Haarlem, which were once used as living spaces for the poor and elderly. Today, these courtyards are beautiful oases of peace and quiet in the city.

Do you want to explore the center of Haarlem and make sure you don’t miss anything? Then download our Haarlem city walk now. The download consists of a clear PDF with a route map/route description and photos plus descriptions of 33 sights in Haarlem. You can also download this walk in Dutch.


City walk


80 minutes


3,9 kilometres


Over Haarlem

Haarlem has several famous museums, a historic center, and a charming shopping area. You will find medieval churches and trendy restaurants. And authentic streets with modern shops. Haarlem is a lively city full of attractions and a Burgundian atmosphere.