City walk Groningen

The City walk Groningen takes you through the lively student city in the North of the Netherlands, definitely worth a visit. The city boasts beautiful monuments and a cozy city center with a large pedestrian area and plenty of shopping opportunities. It’s a vibrant city with authentic streets and modern hotspots.

The Grote Markt is the heart of Groningen. This large square is surrounded by beautiful historic buildings, such as the town hall and the Martinitoren. Take your time to enjoy the atmosphere on the square and visit the many restaurants and cafes nearby. Just behind the Grote Markt, you’ll find the Forum, which opened in 2019. It’s intended as a general meeting place for residents and visitors of Groningen. On the 45-meter-high roof, you’ll find a publicly accessible rooftop terrace with a spectacular view over the city. Other gems include the Prinsentuin, a peaceful park in the heart of Groningen, and the Korenbeurs, a historic building on the Vismarkt in the center of Groningen. Nearby stands the A-kerk, one of Groningen’s most beautiful churches. Of course, a visit to the Groninger Museum should not be missing from the list.

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City walk


75 minutes


2,7 kilometres


About Groningen

Groningen, located in the north of the Netherlands, is a city renowned for its vibrant student culture and historical charm. As a bustling university city, home to the famous University of Groningen, Groningen attracts people from all over the world to study, explore, and enjoy its lively atmosphere. For tourists, Groningen offers a wealth of experiences, from exploring historical landmarks like the Martinitoren and the Groninger Museum to indulging in the vibrant café and restaurant culture along the picturesque canals. With its lively music scene, cultural festivals, and countless bike paths to explore the beautiful landscape, Groningen truly has something for everyone.