City walk Eindhoven

Discover the vibrant city of Eindhoven in a unique way by taking a city walk. Eindhoven is a city full of innovation, design, and history, and a city walk is the perfect way to discover it all. This walk will take you along the main attractions in the city center, such as the Van Abbemuseum, the Philips Museum, and the Silly Walks tunnel. You can also enjoy the architecture of Eindhoven during the walk, from the modern buildings in the center to the historic buildings in the old center.

During the walk, you can also enjoy the many cafes, restaurants, and shops that Eindhoven has to offer. One of the highlights of the city walk is Stratumseind, the longest pub street in the Netherlands. Here you’ll find more than 50 different bars and cafes, perfect for a drink or a snack during your walk.

Want to explore the center of Eindhoven and make sure you don’t miss anything? Download our Eindhoven city walk now. The download consists of a clear PDF with a route map/route description and photos plus descriptions of 14 attractions in Eindhoven. You can also download this walk in Dutch.


City walk


75 minutes


3,8 kilometres


About Eindhoven

Eindhoven, a modern and dynamic city, offers a range of activities and attractions that guarantee an unforgettable stay. Whether you’re interested in design, technology, art, or simply want to enjoy city life, Eindhoven has something for everyone.