City walk Eindhoven Philipsroute

Eindhoven is renowned for being the home of the world-famous electronics company, Philips. Download our City walk Eindhoven Philipsroute and stroll past the key buildings and monuments associated with Philips’ history. The Philips Route begins at the Frits Philips statue in the market square and leads via the Philips Museum to the PSV Stadium. Next, you’ll walk to the Strijp-S area where you can see the old Philips factories and the former Philips headquarters.

Other attractions along the Philips Route include the Trudo Tower, Strijps bultje, and Evoluon, an iconic building designed to showcase Philips’ latest technologies. Finally, you’ll stroll through Philipsdorp, a historic residential area in Eindhoven built between 1910 and 1925 to provide housing for Philips employees.

Ready to explore today? Download our City walk Eindhoven Philipsroute now. The download consists of a clear PDF with a route map/route description and photos plus descriptions of 14 attractions in Eindhoven. You can also download this walk in Dutch.


City walk


80 minutes


4,4 kilometres


About Eindhoven

Eindhoven, a modern and dynamic city, offers a range of activities and attractions that guarantee an unforgettable stay. Whether you’re interested in design, technology, art, or simply want to enjoy city life, Eindhoven has something for everyone.