City walk Den Bosch

Experience the charm of the Brabant capital with the Den Bosch city walk. This city walk takes you along the most atmospheric spots of the city, where you can admire landmarks such as the Saint John’s Cathedral, the Town Hall, and the beautiful medieval streets. During the walk, you’ll get a good sense of the Burgundian atmosphere of Den Bosch. Along the way, you’ll pass by various cafes, restaurants, and shops where you can enjoy local specialties, such as the famous Bossche bol and delicious sausage rolls.

The Den Bosch walk takes about an hour and covers a distance of over 3.5 kilometers. Want to discover the city of Den Bosch in a unique way? Choose the Den Bosch city walk and be amazed by the beauty and diversity of this stunning city! Download now and set off immediately. The download consists of a clear PDF with a route map/description and photos, along with descriptions of 16 landmarks in Den Bosch. You can also download this walk in Dutch. 


City walk


60 minutes


3,6 kilometres


About Den Bosch

Den Bosch is the capital of North Brabant. It’s a super cozy shopping city with beautiful squares and many charming alleys. You can also find great food and drinks in this Burgundian city. The historic center, along with the bastions and fortifications, is historical heritage. Gems to visit in Den Bosch include the Saint John’s Cathedral and the Jheronimus Bosch Art Center, dedicated to the art of the famous painter Jheronimus Bosch. The museum is housed in the former Saint Jacob’s Church and offers a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the work and the world of this masterful painter.