City walk Arnhem

Walk down the historic center of the city of Arnhem and admire the many historical buildings, such as the Eusebius Church, the Walburgis Church, and the town hall. Of course, in the Arnhem city walk, you’ll also find the iconic John Frost Bridge, which played a significant role in the Battle of Arnhem during World War II. You can also visit the museum Airborne at the Bridge.

Discover the nicest shops in the shopping area of the seven streets and walk past the city theater and cultural center, Musis. A stroll through Arnhem offers you the perfect opportunity to explore this charming city and enjoy the rich history, culture, and natural beauty it has to offer. The city walk is 3.5 kilometers long and will guide you past eighteen sights. Want to make sure you don’t miss anything? Download our handy PDF here, receive it directly in your inbox, and start exploring today.

The download consists of a clear PDF with a route map/description and photos plus descriptions of 18 sights in Arnhem. You can also download this walk in Dutch.


City walk


60 minutes


3,5 kilometres


About Arnhem

Arnhem is a city with a rich history and has much to offer in terms of sights. The cozy city lies on both sides of the Rhine. Internationally, the city is known for the Battle of Arnhem: during World War II, Arnhem played a significant role due to the airborne landing and battle of the Allied troops in September 1944, as part of Operation Market Garden. Monuments in various places in the city mark the spots where heavy fighting took place during the war.